Mr. Glass wants to see your work and we also want to show others! To enter all you have to do is take quality videos and/or quality pictures of your best-looking Mr. Glass Doors and/or Mr. Glass Home and submit it to Make sure you have your company information and company logo on your email submission.

On the last Friday of every month, we will choose the best door and the best home from all the submissions, and we will showcase it on all our social media and on our website with your logo and your information on it. This is a way to advertise your company as well as help showcase the different door designs Mr. Glass offers and the way new windows can transform the look of any home. You can submit as many photos and videos as you’d like, but we will only spotlight ONE door and ONE home each month.

If you or your client has a design you’d like to see come to life, this is also a great opportunity for you.

We look forward to seeing all your submissions.

Disclaimer: Mr. Glass will be solely responsible for making the selection, which will be completely subjective to the product that has been submitted. While we understand you may think your submission is the prettiest, our team will make the final decision and it will be solely based on looks not on your standing with our company nor any other criteria.

Effective June 1, 2023


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