It is important that our products be treated with some basic precautions:


  1. The best cleaning agents are water and a pH-neutral detergent (pH5 to 8), such as a mild soap proven safe for bare hands.
  2. Use an absorbent damp cloth that is a non-abrasive media such as cotton wool, non-woven lint free paper towel white color only.
  3. With any soap or detergent, the finish coat should be thoroughly rinsed and dried.
  4. Do not use abrasive sponges, steel wool or any colored fabric.
  5. Be careful of water retention areas that can retain cleaning agents. Ensure these are well rinsed.
  6. Stronger detergents should be carefully spot tested in a hidden area to make sure that there is no discoloration or chemical reaction.
  7. Construction residues (mortar, plaster, etc.) are best removed using a plastic or wooden spatula. Never use metallic objects.
  8. The use of high-pressure cleaning equipment is not recommended as it can damage the finish.
Mr Glass Doors & Windows Manufacturing | Maintenance

The frequency of the maintenance and cleaning of the finished surface depends on the area in which the window is installed. In Marine, Coastal, and/or industrial environments: Clean at least once a month. In all other areas: Clean at least once every six months.

In case of doubt regarding the warranties and maintenance of a particular product, please consult Mr-Glass Doors and Windows.